Thursday, 26 November 2009

Section A - Post Production

The post production of our coursework would be the editing, music & sound and titles. Editing was fairly hard in As as we werent used to using the macs but we managed to improve our skills on iMovie which meant the editing of our A2 coursework was affective and up to high standards. Editing would be uploading all the film and then cutting out unwanted clips, making them longer or shorted and adding special effects, if it applied to our film. Music was imported from the uncopyrighted site and this was a simple procedure in which we would upload it to iTunes then import it to our work. Titles were used for the name of the product "Amo Tu Vida" at the end of the film although we found it difficult to remove a text once we had put it onto the clip, so were stuck with an unwanted text on our female advert.

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