Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Representing Gender

The Representations of men and women can never illustrate the 'truth.'
This is true because not all men and women in society will conform to their gender stereotype, some women within the family have a higher income job and they are therefore the breadwinner and the male is the child bearer.

Hollywood mainly operate in gender binary opposites.
I disagree with this, because when thinking about celebrities in Hollywood such as Paris Hilton, although she is criticised for not working at all and using all her fathers wealth, she does have her own business of products such as fragrance and make up, which isn't stereotypically correct for a female to have her own business. However, the richest people in the world such as Bill Gates are all men and have their own business which is operating to the gender binary opposites.

Gender can only be understood in relation to the culture that produces it.
This is true, our culture means we are brought up the norms and values are the society we are in, gender stereotypes may be represented differently from someone who is a Christian to someone of an Asian culture.

Gender stereotypes are a useful way of understanding culture.
Yes, the environment, religion, clothes and food we associate with in our culture are useful in understanding how men and women are expected to act in the society, this may change within cultures.

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