Monday, 23 November 2009

Section A - Digital Technology

When starting Media Studies I was quite familiar with some of the digital technology used. I got an ipod for christmas 2006 so I use iTunes and iTunes store on a regular basis, so when uploading the music we used in our final piece i found this easy. I found Garageband useful in my As coursework as i made music to suit my film opening. However i found more suitable music on uncopyrighted music sites such as Jamendo on the Internet for my A2 adverts. The internet was hugely replied on throughout my media to allow me to do research and also to update my blog and blogspot which meant I and others could track my progress of my work. I don't have an apple mac so was unaware of how to use iMovie, and it took a while to get used to it and develop my editing skills. I had used Photoshop to edit personal photos at home to improve the quality so i was familiar with this, although the tasks i chose didn't require me to use photoshop, as i did a film opening in As and my 2 main and ancillary tasks in A2 were also film. When starting Media we had to do some preliminary tasks to learn how to use the equipment in school like the cameras, Macs, iMovie and Photoshop. By doing a 1 minute film for the preliminary task we learnt how to use the Macs and iMovie. My skills were improved on Photoshop to produce a magazine which was quite easy to do but time consuming to make the actual product.

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