Friday, 8 January 2010

Postmodernism & Music

Postmodernism is taking other forms of art to produce something new. The postmodern sensibility that anything can be considered cool in an ironic ‘I know it’s bad, but it’s so bad it’s good’ way. Work that is created based (entirely or in part) on older material. This incorporates sampling and will take you from the realms of hip hop culture transporting you finally in today’s modern fragmented musical landscape.

The Crazy Frog was an animated video of an annoying sound, which then came hugely popular to mobile downloads on websites such as napster.

The worst auditions on the X factor, none of them can sing but are so entertaining to watch it makes them good.

Music constantly develops, current artist also try to mix the old with the new. There are many examples of this in music today:

Candi Staton You Got The Love Original

The Source Ft Candi Station You Got the Love

Florence & The Machine You Got The Love

Radio 1 has a breakfast show in which mainstreamed music is played by the presenter Chris Moyles.

However in the evening on Radio 1 presenters such as annie mac and zane lowe who promote schemes such as 'in new music we trust'. So niche music is then played.

Technology today means there are a variety of ways in which people can listen to music whether it be their phones, ipod, DAB digital radio's, in car, internet, television, etc. Music is accesible to everyone. Myspace Music allows bands/ musicians to put their music online for anyone to listen to. Youtube can be used to upload music videos, which Esmee Denters took advantage of and is now a well known singer for "Outta Here."

Singing in her bedroom which she posted onto youtube.

Officical Outta Here Video

Some artists music is inspired from other artists here is an example:

Soft Cell Tainted Love

Rihnana Sos

Spotify and Grooveshark are legal websites in which people can sign up for free and listen to music, allowing them to add playlists such as favourite songs. iTunes charges a small amount to download music althought they do gift cards such as £25 in which for a present people can have however much it's worth amount of music. Limewire is an illegal site in which people download music for free. Newspapers often give away free CDs. It has been said that in 10 years music will be free to download for everyone. However, how is there going to be any profit for the artists & will the tradition of supporting the music you love exsist & will artists still survive?

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