Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Young and Rubican

Dr Maslow was studyed monkeys (1969) He found that monkeys always made sure they weren't thirsty before they looked for shelter and always made sure they found shelter before finding a companion. He then went on to study humans, and he found humans acted the same was as monkeys, for example humans wouldnt worry about love until they felt secure.
What became of this was, Dr Maslows hierachy of needs.

Young and Rubican researched on where people stood in the differernt catogories.
The hierachy of needs accepted that people from different cuntries were influenced by their culural background. They therefore named it the Cross Cultural Consumer Characterisation. (4Cs) for short. This puts people into one of 7 groups, depending on their motivation:

The Explorer is driven by a need for something new. Often the first to try out new ideas and experiences. Their core need for live is discovery.

The Aspirer is driven by other people's perception rather than their own opinion. This could be what other think of their appearence, fashion and personality. Their core need for life is status.

The Succeeder has self confidence and are organised. They feel they deserve the best reward given. They have an aggressive attitude to life and need to sometimes relax. Their core need for life is control.

The Reformer has independent judgement. They are often perceived as being intellectual and pride themselves on tolerence. Their core need for life is enlightenment.

The Mainstream are the largest group within the 4C's. They are the mainstream of society, in the domestic world. They respond to big established family brands. Their core need for life is security.

The Struggler lives for today and no plans for tomorrow. Often binges on alcohol and junk food. There only chance in life would be if they won the lottery. They seek escape.

The Resigned are mostly the older generation who's values have been built up over time. They act in traditional ways and their aim in life is to survive.

The relevent catogories that link with our advert are the aspirer, explorer and succeeder.

When I took the quiz on to see what type I was. I got these results:

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